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This site aims to give you a quick idea of what you can expect should you decide to contact me.

Social Anxiety Therapy Basingstoke

If you have never had any experience of ‘talking therapy’ before it can be quite confusing to know who to ‘see’ and what goes on once you get there. There are many therapists out there who (like me of course) will give lots of information about their experience, and the type of therapy they provide.  What you should remember is that ultimately you will be sat in a room with your choice of therapist, and that you should feel as confident in, and as relaxed as possible with, the person you choose.

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I would advise anyone who is thinking of contacting a therapist to first speak to their GP.  No matter what the problem is, your GP has heard it all before.  There may be a local service which could offer a perfectly acceptable form of treatment on the NHS.

There are obvious benefits in seeing a therapist privately; the choice in when and where you are seen, and the fact you can be seen very quickly.

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